Sunday, October 23, 2011

ID Studio Project Proposal

Remote Digital Editorial

I would like to create a system where a narrated photographic editorial shoot can become a scripted video presentation, projected in remote locations, significant tot he editorial project. The attached photo is one by Erwin Blumenfeld, a Dada turned fashion photographer whose fashion editorial work has made him renowned. I am inspired by Blumenfeld, and his contemporaries like ManRay, because they sought to experiment with new forms of image making with photography, and both artists also eventually transformed their unique imagemaking into commercial success through fashion editorial photography. I would like to explore a video projection technique that would allow be permissible in the space of commerce, and would bring the art and craft of the editorial shoot out of the page and into the point of sale. The projected image would provide the fantastical commercial suggestion that the fashion editorial does, but would do it in a more effective way, perhaps guiding the shopper to a particular shoe the complement the very shirt they were trying on. Or when displayed outside the retail space, the image would give others a more engaged presentation of desired goods, than the magazine spread. Watching the clothes sway on a virtual model would be more convincing of fit and desirability than a frozen glossy page.

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