Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ID Studio Class 5

I am envisioning several different public sites probably indoors. INdoor conditions are easier to control ultimately.
I am thinking a public space like a retail setting or lounge or bar would work nice. The setting would largely determine the narrative that I would portray. I could easily project in a space like a bar or lounge because all i would need is a creative owners consent. The same would probably be true for a retail location although I would probably then need to work with PR and a visual merchandiser which could be a headache, but it may provide access to furnishings for the "looks" for the story.
The final indoor setting would be in the subway. I like this environment because there is lots of empty space to literally work with and locks of crevices and dark corners. I am envisioning a location with lots of shadows or someplace where I could create shadows to juxtapose with the movement of my figure.

I would like the image to be as realistic looking as possible. My screen would need to be able to fit a live person and I am thinking that I would perhaps like the person to sort of appear from out of shadow. I would need to make sure that the screen was surrounded in shadow and could itself project a deep black if possible. I like the idea of having the person walk from the background into the foreground from out of shadow and into the light.

I kind of want the viewer to be able to view more than just the front side of the figure. I want to project as much of a 3D relationship as possible.

The idea of projecting larger than life anatomy intrigues me too. My legs idea could investigate this. I think it could be a little mesmerizing if the styling were exact, and I would probably need to incorporate sound into this installation to make the effect work. Large legs accompanied by the booming sound of large heels on the floor.

For an indoor lounge setting I am envisioning a projection of a girl dancing seductively possibly in synch with the music playing. I could also envision my walking legs idea in a setting like this. Where patrons lounge beside a projection of a woman walking back and forth, and then they are confronted by the entire woman and she begins to dance and partake in the party.

My retail narrative would be something along the lines of an editorial fashion shoot, specifically tailored to a look. For this I would like to tell the story of a ghost, sort of lost in the void looking to find her way back to the material world, to satisfy her longing for material goods.

I would like to portray a similar story in the subway but perhaps with a ghost who is aware of the potential of being a ghost. I am inspired by the movie Ghost, and the aggressive spirit that Sam meets in the Subway trains who teaches him how to touch things. My subway spirit would be not so much lost, but sort of reveling in the ability to torment others as a spirit.

Techniques and Materials:
Rear projection on a molded chameleon scrim!? You could paint the scrim to camouflage the areas that won't be occupied by your figure.

Creating the 3D effect of the live person on a flat screen. Would you need a human releif screen? A black human relief screen in white would not show the black spaces if the projector were projecting black. the body would move through the allowed relief spaces to simulate moving in 3D space.

What if I were shooting using two cameras side by side in a circular order,with their left and right respective view frames aligned to cover a field of view that could represent some segment of 360 degrees. Then If I project from two projectors simultaneously aligned to project the entire field of view, the viewer would be able to move around the projection in a semicircle (its size would be determined by the segment that the composite view encompassed).

To project a single person on a black shadowy background, would you shoot on a black background and spotlight the person as they are moving?

You would have to make sure that the shooting conditions match the lighting conditions of the installation. (Think about how Naimark shot the scene in the installations pace before painging everything white.) If you were projecting onto a screen as opposed to an object in shadow, would the projection still have the ghostly effect?

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