Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wallflower Metronome Production Reflection

So I shot today. I was incredibly nervous but I don't even know why. I love working with continuous lights! My model did not. My apartment is typically very warm this time of year and the lights did not help at all.

There are a whole range of contingency issues when shooting anything I've noticed and they seem to be a little exaggerated when you're shooting video. I can understand also why I keep hearing that sound is so important in film. I would be very particular about the sound of my film, and would be interested in taking a basic sound design course to understand this sort of editing. I need to take a video editing course before the sound editing one!

I also need to get my hands on a 7D. I can't imagine shooting a HD film with multiple lenses! What if every photo I took could become an HD video moment!? I guess I'm just caught up in the wishful spirit of the holiday.

Krystal did a pretty good job with the filming. I think that I can get some good clips.

I think she suffered from boredom a bit but I definitely got some scenes that look pretty good. The stripes in her dress do interesting things to her silhouette. I also love the subtle personal nuances like pulling the dress down and tripping up the beat, it adds character to the person.

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