Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Production Notes: Wallflower Metronome Narrative

With this idea I want to create a projection that will interact with party goers or patrons at a social or nightlife gathering. This sort of installation could also translate in a fashion environment (Is it clear that I want to apply this idea to styling and fashion?) In any case, I would like to film a sexy party goer and project him or her on a particular wall in the space to sort of create a virtual flirtation. My virtual wallflower would function as a sort of metronome, oscillating or gyrating minimally to the simplest beat of a song. I would use Max MSP to sync the playback of my projection with the beats of the song to sort of create the illusion of my wallflower interacting with the space around it. This sort of installation would not only be cool, but would also provide a sort of self reflexive moment for the shy party goer who would gravitate toward the wall.

This is the idea that I will be completing for my final test. It is more feasible to complete than the fashion installation idea given the time that I am working with. I am beginning to understand more and more the logistics of installing something so complex, and I haven't yet researched the exact insurance cost of installing expensive projection equipment in a public or retail environment. I can also imagine that I may need to construct a semi elaborate stage to implement my retail idea.

For my wallflower metronome, I want to try to shoot my model "dancing" to a variety of types of beats. I am particularly in love with Beyonce's newest single "Party" right now so I think that I will use that one as a slower hip hop themed beat. I will also shoot to the beat of a more uptempo house music song as well, to see exactly how the video may work if say the DJ decided to suddenly mix a slower track with a more upbeat one. Could I mix my video on the fly simultaneously and seamlessly!?

I will probably use a female model for this project. I would want to use a male model for a similar project but one that would explore the male form, not so much the styling. I think that it would be more tasteful to have the men more exposed than women in a public display anyway. There may be more negative repercussions to intoxicated men viewing virtual nude women as opposed to men or women viewing scantilly clad men. There aren't nearly as many women in their panties on signposts in the city as there are men in tight briefs, and for good reason.

I am excited about this wallflower metronome. Though I have much experience with photography, I have never shot a video before, though it is a seemingly small task, I am excited about the floodgates that this experience will open!! Im certain I don't have the budget to fall in love with shooting HD video right now. Although I think that is precisely what is going on!

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