Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scan the Star!

Macy's launched (I don't know exactly when) a really cool alternative to the eyesore code blocks that mar every sign that you come across these days. I was just watching a commercial where they urged the viewer to scan the large red star in the center of the screen. It took me a moment to see it but I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the code in the star!

I have been cringing for weeks now at designs ruined by that disturbing arrangement of enormous black pixels. It inhibits your ability to comprehend the graphic as a work of art. Its worse than Sharpie Tagging. The idea that we are able to scan your way through the web, through shopping trips, to anywhere an advertiser wants you to, with a mobile device is exciting. Its intuitive. I'm rambling but check it out.

I suppose the introductory phase of this smartphone scan code was bound to be a little bumpy as far as the execution is concerned, but its good to see that designers are beginning to think a little harder about integrating the information into the art of the design, its almost another advertising design element. Now where does the portal code go!?

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