Monday, September 19, 2011

ID Studio Assignment #1

1. What's your first memory of the internet?
I remember having to go over to my Uncle's house to write papers in high school because we didn't have a computer in our house. He had internet access, and it was a little sacred. It required a password to access and wires needed to be affixed properly in the modem? Wow. My first experiences with the web revolved around music. I used to listen to old 70's and 60's soul tunes over and over again on real player. This was the only alternative for a 10th grader prior to napster. I found and fell in love with house music this way.

2. What is your favorite book, painting, story, movie, or otherwise about a high-tech future?
Total Recall. I remember falling in love with this movie as a child. The idea that your vacation could just be a memory transplant as opposed to an arduous travel ordeal. I loved the mutants, and the vast underground system of the Mars they depicted. I die for those holograms!

3. What do you like about the internet?
You can find anything at all in an instant even on your phone, and I have a slow phone. I can browse recipes as a shop for groceries. I can schedule the bus trip home to time said shopping excursion appropriately. I can get discounts at local merchants by showing them digital coupons on my phone screen. I can teach myself the basics of PHP in a week without spending a dime.

4. What do you not like about the internet?
It is binding. I was just thinking the other day, "What if I wanted to get off of facebook?" I probably couldn't ever. Because they would still own all of the information that I had ever posted there even if my profile was removed. Which means that it could resurface at anytime at a strangers whim pretty much.

5. What is your favorite interaction that usees technology?
Capturing images.

6. What is your favorite interaction that does not use technology?
Working out.

7. What does the intenet look like? This answer needs to be an image only. You can draw one or you can find one that represents the internet on your terms.

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